Manage your EBT & Food Stamp balance with the Providers App (2024)

Managing EBT benefits throughout the month is important for families who depend on them for everyday necessities. The Providers app is a streamlined solution that makes it easy to track and manage benefits in one place. Downloading and signing up is simple, and connecting your EBT account is secure. The Providers app works for nearly every SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) program in the United States.

Getting Started with the Providers App

To begin, download the Providers mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Sign up with your email. After that, you can easily track your EBT balance on your phone.

Checking Your EBT Balance

Once logged in, link your EBT account by selecting your state and entering your EBT login details. The app will show your food stamp balance on the home screen, so you always know how much money you have. Linking your EBT account is a safe and secure process. Continue reading to learn more about the Providers app’s security features.

Tracking Your Spending and SNAP Deposit History

The Providers app shows your balance, transactions, and SNAP deposit history in detail. This feature helps you understand where your money goes and how to budget more effectively.

Maximizing Your EBT Benefits with the Providers App

The Providers app offers more than just EBT balance checking and tracking. The app also provides access to special offers, discounts, and updates on benefits. It helps you manage benefits and find ways to save money and get more support.

Our team of government experts keeps you informed on changes to your benefits and helps find new ones you might qualify for, so there’s one less thing to worry about.

Providers App EBT Security Measures

Safeguarding your EBT information is our top priority. With EBT theft on the rise, the Providers app takes security measures to keep your EBT data safe.

When you connect your EBT account to the Providers app, the app only collects necessary information to log in. We don't ask for your PIN, or other information that would allow access to your EBT funds. This approach enables us to present your balance and transaction history without the ability to change your account details.

How the Providers App Securely Accesses EBT Balance

The Providers app accesses your EBT account information with your permission via state EBT systems. We only have “read-only” access to your EBT data, and can’t make changes to your account.

We keep only a small amount of your information. We do not store PINs, complete EBT card numbers, or SSNs on our servers. Learn more about our privacy & security protocols.

The Providers app uses encryption to protect data sent between the app and the EBT portal. This encryption ensures that it converts your information into a secure code that third parties cannot intercept. Our commitment to your privacy provides the assurance needed to manage your EBT benefits confidently through our app.

Using Providers App to Catch EBT Theft

The Providers app does not store all the necessary personal information for purchasing or withdrawing money using your EBT card. Usually, EBT theft happens using skimming devices on ATMs and card readers at checkout counters, not with secure apps like Providers.

The Providers app allows users to spot unauthorized transactions, helping to detect and report EBT theft early on.

For more information about Providers privacy and security practices, read more at . To learn more about protecting yourself from EBT theft, please read our blog post on protecting yourself from EBT theft. These resources help you understand how we protect your data and how to defend yourself against EBT theft.

Alternatives to the Providers App

In EBT benefit management, there are options like ebtEDGE and ConnectEBT for checking EBT balances and transactions. However, the Providers app is unique because of its extensive features and user-friendly design. The Providers app has 500,000 5-star reviews on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Over 5 million people use the Providers app monthly to check their balance.

The Providers app is helpful because it allows you to keep track of your EBT balance and transactions. Additionally, there are other useful features in the app. The Providers app offers exclusive deals and discounts to save users money on groceries, bills, and other expenses.

The Providers app has job listings and gigs, so you can find jobs and other opportunities to earn more money. The app also features a map to locate stores that accept EBT and WIC, as well as local food pantries. Lastly, the app offers a free mobile banking account called Providers Card. Providers Card offers a free tax filing tool called Providers Tax, where you can file your taxes for free and maximize your tax refund.


The Providers app is a powerful tool for anyone managing EBT benefits. It simplifies the process, provides valuable insights into spending habits, and helps users maximize their benefits.

The Providers app has security features to prevent EBT theft. The Providers app also offers exclusive deals and discounts, as well as ways to earn more money. Download the app today and take the first step towards more effective financial management of your EBT benefits.

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Manage your EBT & Food Stamp balance with the Providers App (2024)


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