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See details about Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad fares, how and where to buy tickets, what our refund policies are, and more.

About railroad fares

  • Peak fares are charged during business rush hours on any weekday train scheduled to arrive in NYC terminals between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. or depart NYC terminals between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. On Metro-North trains, peak fares also apply to travel on any weekday train that leaves Grand Central Terminal between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m.
  • Off-peak fares are charged all other times on weekdays, all day Saturday and Sunday, and on holidays.
  • Use our trip planner to find fare information. Get schedules and directions and see whether a trip is during peak or off-peak hours.
  • Exact fares depend on your trip. The easiest way to see what your trip will cost is by using our trip planner or the TrainTime app.
    • If you prefer to not use an app, see our fare tables.

Plan a trip to see fares.

  • Most ticket types are the same on the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad, but there are some exceptions.
  • Each railroad station is assigned a fare zone. Tickets are valid to any station in the listed zone.
    • For example, Penn Station to Hicksville can be used for Atlantic Terminal to Massapequa Park.
  • Trains operate on a weekend schedule on these holidays: New Year's Day, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.Off-peak fares are valid all day on these holidays. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the day after Thanksgiving, the Long Island Rail Road will run a weekday schedule and Metro-North Railroad will run a Saturday schedule, with off peak fares valid on all trains. On three additionalholidays –Columbus Day, Election Day and Veterans Day – we will run weekday service, but Reduced-Fare tickets will be accepted on LIRR a.m. peak trains.
  • The easiest way to buy tickets is with theTrainTime app on your phone.

Learn more about the TrainTime app.

Fare tables

Long Island Rail Road fares
Metro-North Harlem and Hudson Line fares to GCT
Metro-North New Haven Line fares to GCT
Metro-North Harlem and Hudson intermediate fares
Metro-North New Haven Line intermediate fares
Pascack Valley and Port Jervis Line fares to NYC
Pascack Valley and Port Jervis fares to Hoboken
Find specific fare information Plan a trip to see specific schedules and fares for LIRR and Metro-North trains. Find the specific fare.

More options for buying tickets

Where to buy railroad tickets
Group travel on LIRR and Metro-North

Railroad fare types

Daily and single-ride tickets

These are valid for 60 days, including the date of sale. Off-peak tickets are subject to an additional surcharge, payable to the conductor, if used on a peak train.

For travel outside Manhattan on Metro-North, and outside Zones 1/3 on LIRR, the fare is the same on all trains. On Metro-North, look for "intermediate" tickets. On LIRR, look for peak tickets.

You do not have to pay more or buy two tickets if you have to make transfers in the same direction to complete your trip.

  • On LIRR, if you have to make a transfer that involves a change of direction (for instance, traveling from Mineola to Valley Stream via Jamaica), look for a ticket "via" your transfer point when you buy.
  • On Metro-North, if you make a transfer that involves a change of direction at Fordham or Harlem-125th St, you will need to buy two tickets. Travel to/from Yankee Stadium and Mets-Willets Point on game days is exempt from these rules. See the section below.

Round-trip: Any combination of two one-way tickets. These are priced according to the fares you select (peak, off-peak, etc.) You can add a two-trip MetroCard on the reverse side.

One-Way UniRail (For Metro-North only): Connecticut customers can purchase a Shore Line East one-way ticket and a Metro-North one-way ticket in one transaction at any ticket office or machine.

Extension of ride:

  • LIRR one way, round trip, and peak 10-Triptickets: You pay the fare difference between ticket value and value of the extended ride, rounded up to the nearest dollar.
  • Monthlies, weeklies, all MNR tickets, and off-peak 10-Trip tickets: One way fare between the zone on your ticket and the zone you are actually traveling to/from, rounded up to the nearest dollar. No on board surcharge.

Step up fare:

  • For off-peak tickets on peak trains, or senior tickets on morning peak trains, you pay the difference between full peak price and value of ticket, rounded up to the nearest dollar.
  • Note: When stepping up an off-peak 10-Trip ticket, the discount is forfeited.

Other things to know:

  • One-way, round-trip, and 10-Trip tickets on the Harlem and Hudson lines are not accepted on the New Haven Line and vice versa.

Weekly, monthly, and 10-Trip tickets

Monthly: Good for unlimited rides during the calendar month indicated on the ticket. This is the most cost-effective ticket if you’re commuting each day.

Monthly tickets are non-transferable; the first person to use this ticket is the only person who can use it. Available for purchase starting the 25th of the prior month.

Long IslandRail Roadand Metro-North riders can save an extra 10% on monthly unlimited passes.

Weekly: Good for unlimited rides for a calendar week (Saturday through Friday). This is the most cost-effective for commuters traveling for a continuous seven-day period.

Weekly tickets go on sale at ticket offices and ticket machines beginning Wednesday for the following week. This ticket is not transferable.

10-Trip: Good for 10 one-way rides to or from City Zone 1 (LIRR) or Manhattan (Metro-North). Tickets are valid for six months from date of sale and may be used by more than one person, even when traveling together. The following ten-trip ticket types are available:

  • 10-Trip peak: Sold at the price of 10 peak one-way fares.
  • 10-Trip off-peak: These tickets save 15 percent off the price of 10 off-peak one-way tickets.
  • 10-Trip for seniors, Medicare recipients, or people with disabilities: These are sold at the price of 10 one-way fares at the reduced price. These are not valid on inbound morning peak trains. These can be used by more than one person, even when you are traveling together, if they are all eligible for this special fare and present the required identification.
  • 10-Trip intermediate (Metro-North only): Good for 10 trips between two stations outside of Manhattan on the same line.

Notes for Metro-North riders:

Monthly and weekly tickets to/from Manhattan on the New Haven Line are accepted on the Harlem and Hudson lines where the value of the Harlem/Hudson monthly/weekly ticket is the same or less.

Monthly school tickets

Special fares are available for students under 21 years of age attending accredited elementary or secondary schools. They provide a discount of up to one-third off the price of a regular monthly ticket.

Complete the application and bring to a ticket office. Applications must be signed by a school official and have the school seal affixed. These are non-transferable.

Child and family fares

Children under 5 ride free.

Family fare: Except during the morning rush hour, up to four children aged 5-11 may ride for $1 each when accompanied by a fare-paying adult who is at least 18 years old.

A fifth child or more, unaccompanied children, and all children during morning rush hour pay half the adult fare (peak or off-peak) as applicable.

These tickets are valid for 60 days including date of sale. Children age 12 and over pay the full adult fare.

Reduced fares for seniors, people with disabilities, and Medicare recipients

Seniors, people with disabilities, and Medicare recipients can save up to 50% off the full one-way peak fare. You must have proper documentation available.

You can use reduced-fare tickets at all times except inbound weekday morning peak trains. These are valid for 60 days including the date of sale.

You can also purchase tickets on the train without paying the higher onboard price if you can show the proper documentation.

Documentation you can use:

  • Government/state-issued driver’s license or non-driver ID;
  • Government/state-issued passport;
  • NYC Department of Aging ID card;
  • Reduced-Fare MetroCard or Reduced-Fare EasyPay Card;
  • Birth certificate or Medicare card issued by the Social Security Administration, if accompanied by a different photo ID.

People with disabilities can use an Access-a-Ride card, an Able-Ride card, a Para-transit card, or a Suffolk County Accessible Transportation card.


Riders pay $5 for travel within New York City during all off-peak hours and $7 during peak hours. These are valid on day of purchase only.

These tickets are sold at ticket windows or ticket machines in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, or Queens, and via the TrainTime app.

They are not valid for travel to/from Belmont Park, Elmont or Far Rockaway. They are not sold onboard trains.

Get CityTicket details.

Far Rockaway Ticket (LIRR only)

Riders pay $5 during all off-peak hours and $7 during peak hours. These are valid on day of purchase only.

The Far Rockaway Ticket can only be purchased at Far Rockaway station. It can be used for travel between Far Rockaway and stations in LIRR Zone 1, with some exceptions.

  • Far Rockaway Ticket cannot be purchased at other LIRR stations.
  • It can only be purchased in the TrainTime app if you share your location with the app to confirm you are near the station.
  • It can be purchased onboard a train only if you are a senior citizen or a person with a disability.

These stations are valid destinations with the Far Rockaway Ticket:

  • Penn Station
  • Grand Central
  • Woodside
  • Forest Hills
  • Kew Gardens
  • Atlantic Terminal
  • Nostrand Avenue
  • East New York
  • Long Island City
  • Hunterspoint Avenue
  • Mets-Willets Point

Far Rockaway Ticket can also be used for travel to Rosedale, Laurelton, Locust Manor, and Jamaica. You must buy the ticket with a destination within Zone 1 (any of the above stations).

Group tickets

Special discounted one-day, round-trip group tickets may be purchased for organized groups of 30 or more. Smaller groups of 10 or more may be able to save using 10-trip tickets.

For LIRR: Group leaders should call 718-558-7419, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., for reservations at least two weeks in advance. Group tickets are sold through this department in advance and at open ticket offices. (Please avoid morning rush hours.)

For Metro-North: Contact our Group Travel Department by dialing 511 (select MTA, Metro-North Railroad, More Options, Group Sales), or email us.

Military tickets

You must have valid active-duty ID from the U.S. Armed Forces.

Active-duty U.S. military personnel will be charged off-peak fare on LIRR and Metro-North.

Railroad tickets with MetroCards

MetroCards are no longer available on round-trip Long Island Rail Road or Metro-North tickets at ticket machines.

A standalone $29 MetroCard (+$1 fee) will be available for purchase at ticket machines and ticket offices.

Ticket offices will also sell round-trip ($5.80) MetroCards either with a round-trip Metro-North ticket (no fee) or standalone (+$1 fee).

You can also tap and go with OMNY using your contactless debit or credit card, smartphone, or smart device at all NYCT subway stations.


UniTickets are combination bus and rail tickets that offer special discounts for monthly and weekly travel from certain suburban LIRR and Metro-North stations on local bus routes. UniTickets are valid on certain MTA Bus and NYC Transit buses in Queens, NICE Bus routes in Nassau County, Long Beach Bus, and several connecting services for Metro-North.

NYCT routes: Q5, Q12, Q13, Q15, Q16, Q17, Q20, Q26, Q27, Q28, Q31, Q44, Q48, Q85 (at Rosedale, Bayside & Flushing LIRR Stations only)

  • Monthly: $46.60
  • Weekly: $11.75

MTA Bus routes: Q19, Q25, Q34, Q50, Q65, and Q66 (at Flushing LIRR Station only.)

  • Monthly: $46.50
  • Weekly: $11.75

Discounted bus options are available with the purchase of LIRR monthly or weekly tickets:

NICE buses

  • Monthly: $57
  • Weekly: $13.75

Long Beach buses

  • Monthly: $30
  • Weekly: Not available


UniTickets can be used with the following services:

  • Westchester County Bee-Line
  • CT Transit Stamford
  • Rockland TOR
  • Putnam County DOT
  • Hudson Rail Link
  • Dutchess Loop
  • Newburgh-Beacon Bus
  • Norwalk Transit District
  • Westport Transit District
  • Greater Bridgeport Transit District
  • Milford Transit District
  • HARTransit
  • Greenwich Commuter Connection
  • Stamford I Bus
  • ShoreLine East
  • Hartford Line
  • Haverstraw-Ossining Ferry
  • CT Transit New Haven
  • Mahopac-Croton Falls Shuttle
  • Newburgh-Beacon Ferry
  • Ulster County Area Transit
  • Hudson Link

Combo Ticket

The Combo Ticket makes traveling between LIRR and Metro-North stations easier, cheaper, and more accessible. You will be able to start a trip with one railroad and transfer to the other railroad at Grand Central for a flat $8 fee. From there, you can travel anywhere in that system.Learn more.

Train to the Game railroad fares

Yankee Stadium (Metro-North)

One-way, round-trip, and 10-trip tickets between Yankee Stadium and the Harlem and New Haven Lines are only valid on game days. These cost slightly more than fares to Grand Central.

You can use these tickets via transfer at Harlem-125th St or Grand Central, or on one of our special direct Yankee Clipper trains.

You do not need a peak ticket if you are coming from the Harlem or New Haven Lines and going to an afternoon or evening game even though you may be riding a peak train from Grand Central or Harlem-125th St to Yankee Stadium.

Weekly and monthly tickets valid for travel to Grand Central can be used for Yankees travel at no additional charge.

Mets-Willets Point (LIRR)

One-way, round-trip, and 10-trip tickets are available to/from Mets-Willets Point and cost the same as tickets to/from Penn Station.

There is no additional charge or special ticket if you need to change directions at Woodside.

If you are coming from Long Island and going to an afternoon or evening game, you do not need to buy a peak ticket even though you may be riding a peak train from Woodside to Mets-Willets Point.

Weekly and monthly tickets valid for travel to Penn Station can be used for Mets travel at no additional charge.

MetLife Stadium (LIRR and Metro-North)

On days when NJ Transit rail shuttle service is running, LIRR and Metro-North joint tickets are available. Select "Meadowlands" at the ticket machine.

These tickets are valid for travel to/from Penn Station or Grand Central, and NJ Transit travel between Penn Station and the Meadowlands.

Note for Metro-North riders: The joint ticket does not include the subway fare between Grand Central and Penn Station.

UBS Arena (LIRR)

Buy a ticket to Elmont-UBS Arenastation totravel to the UBS Arena. If you are traveling from the Port Jefferson, Ronkonkoma, Oyster Bay, or Hempstead branches, select the direct travel option.The ticket will be accepted on all reasonable routes between your origin and any of the three stations, even if you need to travel via Jamaica or use a shuttle bus to complete your trip.

If you have a monthly ticket that includesFare Zone 4, you can use your ticket to travel to the arena. There is no longer a special ticket required for travel to Belmont Park.

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Subway and bus fare details
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LIRR and Metro-North fares (2024)


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