Jail Roster, Visitation, Bail, Send Money or Mail (2021 Guide) (2024)

Table of Contents

  1. Facility Information
  2. Renville County Jail Addresses
    1. Physical Address
    2. Mailing Address
    3. Inmate Mailing Address
  3. Phone Numbers
  4. Renville County Jail Roster
  5. Inmate Bookings / Recent Arrests
  6. Mugshots
  7. Jail Visitation
  8. Inmate Phone Privileges
  9. Inmate Trust Accounts / Commissary
  10. Bail Information
  11. Conclusion

Facility Information

The Renville County Jail, located in Olivia, Minnesota, is operated by the Renville County Sheriff’s Office. The Renville County Jail is the local jail facility for the county, and anyone arrested in the county is taken to that jail facility, whether they were arrested by a local police department or by the Renville County Sheriff’s Office. The Renville County Sheriff’s Office has a statutory duty to run the county jail.

The Renville County Jail has 72 beds. The current jail facility was built in 2008. The jail facility places an emphasis on rehabilitation, which means that it tries to make substantive programs available for the inmates.

Many inmates at Renville County Jail come to the jail after being ordered to serve a jail term, but not immediately remanded into the custody of the Sheriff’s deputies at the time of sentencing. Those inmates need to take some steps in order to arrange for their jail stays. The first step in arranging a stay is to make an appointment with the jail by contacting the jail’s program department at 320-523-3808. Prospective inmates should review the inmate handbook. If inmates have been cleared by the judge to apply for the Huber Work Release or education release program, then the inmate needs to fill out an application for the program. Keep in mind that a judge allowing an inmate to apply for Huber status is not the same as an inmate getting the status; the application must be approved. On the other hand, if a sentencing judge has allowed an inmate to qualify for Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM) in lieu of jail time, then the status is granted and the inmate should review the EHM handbook.

When an inmate enters the jail, he or she goes into booking. Booking refers to the entire intake procedure that processes the inmate and gets him or her ready for their time in jail. During booking, all inmates undergo a mental and physical health screening. Inmates are also booked (booking photos), fingerprinted, and may be DNA tested. At booking, inmates receive their jail clothing, bedding, and simple hygiene products. The clothing an inmate is wearing at the time of booking is stored until an inmate’s release. Any money on an inmate at the time of booking is deposited into an inmate’s trust account.

Once an inmate has been booked, then the jail assigns a housing unit. Each housing unit has several jail cells. Most inmates are in shared cells. Each inmate is assigned to his or her own bunk or bed in the cell. Cells have their own showers and inmates are required to shower. Sometimes, inmates may be confined to their cells, such as during the night. However, at other times, you will be allowed into the common areas of the housing unit. Inmates receive three meals each day, and can purchase additional food and beverage items through canteen.

Inmates are also given the opportunity to participate in one of the jail’s recreational or programming activities. Programs include: chemical dependency treatment; anger management; Bible study; worship service; parenting classes; Alcoholics Anonymous; Narcotics Anonymous, General Education Development (GED); Safe Avenues; and Art Class. In addition, correctional officers and staff members will devote individualized attention to inmates and meet with them one-on-one.

Inmates who are reporting to jail should bring their photo identification, medical insurance information, all medications that are currently prescribed and appropriately taken, and all fees associated with the stay. Inmates should not bring the following items with them when reporting to jail: weapons of any sort, cell phones, tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, any paper documents other than legal documents, or any over-the-counter medications.

Renville County Jail Addresses

Physical Address

Renville County Jail
104 4th Street S.
Olivia, MN 56277

The jail is located at the Sheriff’s Office, but the jail entrance is different than the sheriff’s office main entrance.

Mailing Address

Renville County Jail
104 4th Street S.
Olivia, MN 56277

Inmate Mailing Address

Inmate’s Full Name
C/O Renville County Jail
104 4th Street S.
Olivia, MN 56277

Both incoming and outgoing mail is subject to inspection and search. The exception is privileged mail. Privileged mail includes mail from attorneys or other court officers, mail from the Minnesota Department of Corrections, mail from the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, and mail from elected officials. Privileged mail is still subject to search, but will only be opened in the presence of the inmate to whom it is addressed.

Inmates cannot send or receive mail from people protected by an Order of Protection, Harassment Restraining Order, or any other type of no-contact order against the inmate.

Inmates cannot send or receive mail that includes sexually explicit materials, photographs, writings, or drawings.

Inmates cannot send or receive mail that contains gang-related materials, gang references, or suggestions or plans related to any type of criminal activity.

Inmate mail cannot have foreign substances, such as stickers, stamps, perfumes, lipsticks, bodily fluids, etc. on it.

Mail cannot be written in a code or contain any type of code in it.

Mail cannot encourage or suggest violence.

Inmates cannot receive cash.

Phone Numbers

The Renville County Jail’s central control number is 320-523-3600. That number is answered 24/7. The Renville County Jail’s main fax number is 320-523-3535. Generally, inmates cannot receive incoming phone calls at the jail’s main number, but you can get inmate information at that number.

Renville County Jail Roster

Renville County Jail maintains an in-custody list that provides information for all inmates currently detained at the Renville County Jail. The list, which is arranged alphabetically by last name, contains a mugshot/booking photo of the inmate, the inmate’s MNI, the inmate’s name, the inmate’s sex, the inmate’s age, the inmate’s booking number, the intake date, the charges against the inmate, the bond amount, the bond amount with conditions, and the amount of bond received (if any).

In addition, the Renville County Jail is connected to the Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) System. VINELink is a free service that performs two functions for crime victims: providing information and notification. You can sign up to get notifications so that VINE can let you know if an offender is in custody at the Minnesota Department of Corrections or at a Minnesota County Jail. In addition, VINE will give you important information about an inmate’s custody status. You can sign up to get a phone call that will let you know if an inmate is released, transferred, or escapes. You can call 1-877-664-8463 or visit www.vinelink.com to set up notifications and to check on offenders in your county.

Inmate Bookings / Recent Arrests

Although the Renville County Jail’s in-custody list is arranged alphabetically, it does provide booking date information. Therefore, you can look at the list to see who has been recently arrested or booked. You can also find additional information at that site, including the inmate’s: name, sex, age, booking number, MNI, the charges against the inmate, the bond amount, whether the bond has been paid, and a booking photo of the inmate.


While the Renville County Jail does not have a specific mugshot database, you can find inmate mugshots on the Renville County Jail’s in-custody list.

Jail Visitation

Renville County Jail provides visitation opportunities for the inmates detained in the facility. On-site visitation hours are: Sunday-Saturday from 1:00pm to 4:30pm and 6:30pm to 9:00pm. There are no Friday evening visits.

Visitation at the Renville County Jail is video visitation; there is no in-person visitation for inmates at the facility, except for visits with lawyers and clergy. The only lawyers that get in-person visitation are attorneys of records.

The following rules apply to visitation at the jail:

  • Visits cannot be reserved and will be granted on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Visitation for pre-arraigned inmates is limited and visitation for pre-arraigned inmateswill only be granted to immediate family members or significant others.
  • Even if they are related, victims will absolutely not be allowed to visit inmates, regardless of the relationship.
  • Visitors must aphoto ID; visitors without ID will not be permitted to visit.
  • There is a limit of one adult visitor per visitation station.
  • Visitors are all subject to background/warrants checks and no visitation will be allowed for anyone with an active warrant, even if Minnesota would not otherwise arrest them.
  • Juvenile visitors do not have to provide identification, but you must be able to provide a full name and date of birth for all juvenile visitors. In addition, all juvenile visitors must be accompanied by an adult. There can be only one juvenile visitor at a time. This means that there can be one juvenile and one adult visitor at each time.
  • While on-site visits are generally limited to 20 minutes in duration, you may be able to get a 20-minute extension on your visit. You need to request that to dispatch before the initial visit ends. Availability determines whether or not an extension will be granted. This means that if someone else is waiting, you will not get to visit. You may be permitted an additional visit, if time becomes available, but if you have already exercised one visit, then you will be bumped until no new visitors are waiting.
  • If you are under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance you will not be allowed to visit.
  • Anyone that jail staff deems is disruptive or could be dangerous is allowed to visit.
  • Visitors are expected to wear appropriate clothing. Any clothing that is considered too revealing or sexually inappropriate can result in the visit being canceled.
  • Visitors are expected to behave with decorum; during the visit, there should be no nudity, vulgarity, lewdness or other inappropriate conduct. In addition, visitors and inmates should refrain from using offensive language or yelling. Visitors and inmates should both speak in a moderate tone of voice.
  • Visits are all monitored and recorded, except for visits with attorneys.

Inmate Phone Privileges

Although inmates at the Renville County Jail may not have access to phones before their initial appearances, they do have access to them afterwards. Most inmates will have access to phone, email, and voicemail. However, some inmates who are under disciplinary action may not have access to these methods of communication, except to contact their attorney of record.

Inmates are limited to making outgoing phone calls. Inmates cannot receive incoming calls, and if you call the jail you will not be connected to an inmate. Moreover, the jail will not convey messages to an inmate, though you may be able to leave a message for an inmate over voicemail. Inmates have to pay for all calls or play collect calls. Inmates pay for calls using an inmate calling card. These calling cards are available through the jail’s canteen services. In addition, you can deposit money for an inmate’s phone calls by visiting www.reliancetelephone.com.

The Renville County Jail also offers voicemail services for inmates. To leave an inmate a voicemail, you call 320-523-9996 and follow the prompts.

Inmates can also engage in some text messaging. In fact, inmates can send initial text messages for free, in order to get the funds for more text messaging. Inmate text messaging is also funded by visiting www.reliancetelephone.com.

Under normal circ*mstances, corrections officers will not relay messages to the inmate. However, if there is a verifiable family emergency, you can contact 320-523-3600 to ask them to relay a message for you.

Inmate Trust Accounts / Commissary

Like most jails, the Renville County Jail offers canteen/ commissary services. This is a way for inmates to be able to purchase items that are not provided by the jail. While the items available through canteen vary, inmates may be able to purchase drinks, snacks, hygiene items, recreational items, writing supplies, and grooming items.

You can deposit money into an inmate’s account two ways. First, you can drop off money at the public entrance to the jail. You can also mail the money to the inmate, in the form of a money order which is made payable to the inmate. Send those to:

Renville County Jail
C/O Inmate’s Name
104 4th Street S
Olivia, MN 56277.

Inmates can receive health services at the jail from on-site and off-site physicians, including mental health services. If there is a fee for these services, trust account funds may be used to pay for them. In addition, inmates are subject to a number of different fees, including booking fees and daily fees for their stay. Huber inmates also have to pay for their urine samples to be tested. Some of these fees may be paid with trust account funds.

Bail Information

In Renville County, you can find out information about an inmate’s individual bail or bond amount by looking at the inmate’s information on the jail roster. There, it will provide information on whether an inmate has been granted bond, and, if so, if there are conditions on the inmate’s release on bond. You can pay the full amount of cash bond or secure the services of a third-party bail bondsman to secure an inmate’s release.


The Renville County Jail is the local jail facility that services all of Renville County, Minnesota. Even though it is operated by the Renville County Sheriff’s Office, defendants who are arrested by any law enforcement agency in the county are brought to the facility.

The Renville County Jail also handles fingerprinting services. You need to make an appointment for fingerprinting. Appointments are generally available Monday through Friday, from 9:00am to 5:00pm. You can call the jail at its main number 320-523-3600 in order to make an appointment. If you have been given a fingerprint card, it is very important that you not fill in any information on the card before you are fingerprinted. You go to the jail, not the sheriff’s office in order to get fingerprinted. Because the two buildings are together, many people go to the Sheriff’s Office main entrance. Instead, go to the jail’s public entrance, which is at 104 4th Street, South. You will need to provide a government issued identification, such as a driver’s license or birth certificate, in order to be fingerprinted. Finally, there is a fee for fingerprinting; you must pay this $15.00 fee before the fingerprints are taken in order to get the fingerprinting service.

Jail Roster, Visitation, Bail, Send Money or Mail (2021 Guide) (2024)


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