Chelsea Ginger Crunch Recipe | Chelsea Sugar (2024)


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I love this recipe. It’s a family favourite and the best kiwi idea ever!!

This is my winning go to recipe when I want to impress. Easy to make ( I add chopped up crystallised ginger to the base). Everyone raves about it.

This is my go to easy recipe, I swap normal flour for buckwheat and it works well! I like the old recipe for the icing, can you please post it again, I can’t fully remember it. Thank you

Tastes great but do recommend adding a tablespoon milk to the base as it’s to crumbly from the flour!


Delicious! So good and there was just the right amount of ginger. So easy to make!

My "go to" ginger crunch recipe - absolutely love it!!

Really good and tasty, dough was very crumbly before baking it though

I'm 11 and this recipe was easy to make but I think there's too much ginger in the icing.


This recipe is great, I've made it a bunch of times and never failed. I like mine with a bit more ginger and golden syrup for a real chewy icing.
I bake mine in a smaller tin for a thicker base and icing

Great recipe. Made it so many times. Delicious. The base is very crumbly but u just have to press it into the tin well. There is a perfect amount of icing, don't know what some people r talking about. It's also really easy for kids to make. I'm 13 now but I first made this years ago

Great recipe. Made it so many times. Delicious. The base is very crumbly but u just have to press it into the tin well. There is a perfect amount of icing, don't know what some people r talking about. It's also really easy for kids to make. I'm 13 now but I first made this years ago

Will never make this ever again, taste like its made for old people, will not try it out, will not trust this website again, disappointment to me and my family of kids

The icing isn't enough and too much ginger. The base ended up too crunchy. Next time i Will try less flour in the base and less ginger in the icing

Never fails.


good but not enough icing

This cake I’ve been making for years—— delicious!!
If the bottom of the slice is too thin, try using a smaller tin,

moui delcios

Soooo Easy!

Delicious recipe, I added 1/2 tsp of beef oxo and it really elevated the icing. I highly recommend pan frying the flour before making the dough, gives it a good smoky flavour.

Delicious recipe, I added 1/2 tsp of beef oxo and it really elevated the icing. I highly recommend pan frying the flour before making the dough, gives it a good smoky flavour.

Perfect everyone. Not too sweet.

Nice and Easy and it was very nice.

Great recipe!! Definitely recommend it, a great afternoon tea snack!!

reallly bllloody goood

Sus, but delicious

Icing is way to thin but taste GREAT!!! Will have to double the icing recipe next time. Have not tried it yet but will tomorrow.

It's great , but I did find the mixture to be very crumbly and had to resort to adding a small amount of liquid.
Doubled the icing mixture as others suggest, and am pleased I did as it would not have been enough otherwise.
All and all though, a very nice slice.

Yum :)

really good recipe

The flour to butter ratio is wrong for the base. You either need less flour or more butter. Icing was a bit skimpy as well.

Mixture was very dry. I added a few splashes of water to moisten it up. And you need to double the icing or it is not enough.
Overall pretty yum

Lovely easy recipe, but I doubled the icing as I found it to thin .

It was so much fun

Perfect and yummy

As soon as the cake went into my mouth....heaven. The ginger flavour brought back memories of mums Saturday baking on the farm back in the 60's. I have her original Edmonds cook book, a Cadbury kitchen quick weigh and a Chelsea 6lb sugar bag that for some reason got left at the back of her pantry!

Super easy and so yummy! Next time I would double the ginger icing as it was a bit thin.

I made this GF by swapping the type of flour mix, plus dairy free by substituting coconut oil for the butter... Now I'm waiting for it to cool! I tried both components seperately & they were good, I KNOW the combo is gonna be GOOD. I would, however suggest at least doubling the amount of icing as it barely covered the base! The base also didn't fill the try or it would have been too thin... I will be making this again, but personally I'd double the base and triple the icing... Maybe even quadruple it for a nice thick topping. One star deducted only because of the odd amounts... You needed to try the recipe beforr posting! Ta Chelsea & Edmonds, nice teamwork.

It tastes so good! But I had to double everything because I have a big family and the icing wasn't enough to cover it all so I made another batch for the icing and it was perfect! taste is perfect.

Such a yummy recipe and easy to make with my grandson. Others loved it too!

Very Very Bad!!! :(

Rich taste in food. I am a bit of a sweet tooth

Lovely the best I have had . :)


Delish!!! Highly recommend

I had to double the ingredients plus double the topping otherwise too thin turned out perfect and topping set good made to give as xmas goodies very yummy

Easy to make and delicious, couldn't knead because flour mixture was too crumbly but end result for base was good

Soooo good love it

Love it. Kids were so mad that they had to bring it to school. I had to make another batch for them and they devoured it.

It was so good. It went down in 2days. A little to much ginger

Base was too dry and crumbly - too much flour to butter ratio. Also the ginger icing needs to be double the amount to even cover it ...consider triple if you are wanting a thick icing base! Flavour is great but this recipe fails on ratios.

This is a great recipe because it tastes good, it's easy to make and it's fun baking. I definitely give it 100 out of 100.

It was delicious and not to sweet

It's really good.

Yum, yum, yum!

So easy and delicious. I like the topping.

Delicious and divine.

Delicious and divine.

Too much flour for the amount of butter. The second time I used only one cup of flour instead of 1.5 cups. The topping was not quite enough, so I doubled it for the second time. Taste is perfect.

Delicious. A great recipe.

Delicious and not too sweet!

Very tasty.

Wow. I am addicted to these! I ate half of them in one day so delicious. Whoops!!

Love this recipe :)

I loved this recipe it was filling and just perfect :)

I would double the base and icing as even in the correct size pan it’s pretty thin. Also I’d cook it at a slightly lower temp, say 180.

This was super yummy, but had to double the ginger icing recipe because it wasn't enough to spread over the whole tin. I am 12 and I found it really easy to make!


Great!!! And recipe very easy to follow.

Very yummy, but we did have to add more butter into the flour mixture as it was too crumbly but turned out well!


Grew up with slice and so happy to make it for my family, Tasty ginger and shortbread go together so well.

Wonderful! Its so yummy!

Absolutely my family's favourite. Agree with the others regarding increasing the icing sugar.

Easy and simple to follow. The whole family enjoyed it

I accidentally added 1 tsp of Cinnamon (I added 2 tsp of ginger as well) into the sauce, but honestly, it was really good, it made it slightly sweeter and balanced instead of being overpowered with ginger, whilst still tasting like ginger crunch.

I agree with other reviews, absolutely the best ginger crunch but definitely recommend you add more icing sugar to the icing otherwise it is too runny, (1 cup minimum) I also cooked the base for less at 180c for 20 mins so it wasn’t so hard and crunchy. Everyone has raved about it.

Wow, how is this ginger crunch really true. It's just delicious.

Easy, modified it to be dairy free by using dairy free spread

Easy peasy and so delicious

Delicious recipe, would advise adding more ginger if you like a spicier taste. A much loved ginger crunch!


Straight out of the NZ Edmonds book , great recipe but not yours

Soooooo yummmyyyy

Absolutely delicious. However the icing needs doubling for a decent thickness.

Something went drastically wrong with the icing :( very watery and maybe too much ginger? :(


The best so good

yum it was like food

This is a very easy recipe and great for all baking abilities. 5/5

A really yummy recipe for mothers day or just a snack!

Soooo easy and yummy


My go to recipe when I’m craving something sweet and crunchy and full of flavour. I double the recipe and bake the base for 35 minutes. A never fail recipe and a favourite in my household.

I think this was delightful. I give a five star rating

Very easy to make and yummy too

I put chicken into this recipe as a little flavour enhancer. My 6 month old didnt like it too much but my cat and I thought it was delicious! Great recipe!


Everyone loved it

This was a great recipe and the whole family enjoyed it, I would advise adding slightly more icing but it may depend the size of the pan.

Very Yummy!

Very easy and yummy! ❤️

Ohh Yummo with spicy taste. Friends & family loved this. Thanks mum!

Never fails and super yum. Definitely recommend this ginger crunch.

The best ginger slice I've ever made yummy!!

Just love this recipe, hubby took some to work for his mates the first time I made it! Consider doubling the recipe for a larger tin. Very simple but delicious!

My family always love it when i make this recipe. I often make a batch and a half to get the right size for a full baking tray. One of my favourites and so easy to make

Consider doubling the topping quantities in order to get a decent thickness of topping.

:) yummy!

Try this recipe today and love it. Easy and great recipe indeed.

Easy peasy and absolutely mouthwatering. Love this old recipe.

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Chelsea Ginger Crunch Recipe | Chelsea Sugar (2024)


What is Chelsea sugar made of? ›

Chelsea Organic Sugar is made from cane that is grown in Brazil without herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers. The sugar cane meets IFOAM* BioGro standards so you can be assured of its purity. Our organic sugar has a light golden colour and can be used instead of white or raw sugar.

How many calories in a ginger slice? ›

There are 2 calories in 1 slice of Ginger.

How to make sugar step by step? ›

  1. • Extraction of Juice. The sugarcane is passed through preparatory devices like knives for cutting the stalks into fine chips. ...
  2. • Clarification. The treated juice on boiling fed to continuous clarifier from which the clear juice is decanted while the. ...
  3. • Evaporation. ...
  4. • ...
  5. • Gradation & Packing.

How do you make sugar? ›

First, the stalks are washed, cut into shreds, and pressed using big rollers. The juice is separated from the plant material, then the liquid is boiled until it crystallizes. Finally, the crystals are separated from the liquid using a centrifuge, yielding raw sugar.

Does ginger have carbs or sugar? ›

Carbs. There are 2 grams of carbohydrates in five slices of ginger. Ginger also contains an insignificant amount of fiber and sugar. Ginger also is considered a low glycemic food.

Is ginger slice good for you? ›

Ginger is such a great spice and is loaded with so many nutrients and bioactive compounds that have so many benefits for your body. Ginger is a great anti-inflammatory spice so helps reduce inflammation in the body which is the underlying cause for most disease.

How many slices of ginger can I eat a day? ›

Ginger is safe to eat daily, but experts recommend limiting yourself to 3 to 4 grams a day — stick to 1 gram daily if you're pregnant. Taking more than 6 grams of ginger a day has been proven to cause gastrointestinal issues such as reflux, heartburn and diarrhea.

Where does Chelsea Sugar get its sugar from? ›

New Zealand Sugar was founded in 1884 and the Chelsea Refinery is New Zealand's only sugar refinery. The Chelsea Refinery processes raw sugar for both the domestic and international markets. Most of the raw sugar refined at Chelsea comes from Queensland.

Is Chelsea Sugar granulated sugar? ›

In baking, Chelsea White Sugar adds sweetness and moisture to your creations, helping to enhance the flavor and texture of cakes, cookies, pastries, and more. Its fine granulated texture allows it to dissolve quickly, ensuring even distribution throughout the batter.

Where does Chelsea sugar come from? ›

Raw sugar came from Fiji, Cuba, Australia, Indonesia, and Peru for refining, and until the building of the Auckland Harbour Bridge, the finished products were shipped out from the wharf. All other commodities, such as coal, food, and mail, were also handled by Chelsea Wharf.

Does Chelsea Sugar use bone char? ›

The mix is then boiled to get rid of any extra water and so white crystals will form. These get separated from the syrup in a centrifugal again, and then dried and packed. The traditional process of using bone char to filter sugar was discontinued in the year 2000.


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