17 Super Bowl Charcuterie Boards That Are a Sure Win (2024)

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Super Bowl LVII is rapidly approaching, and in preparation for Rihanna’s highly anticipated halftime show, we’re already planning out our snacks. Once we discovered Super Bowl charcuterie boards, there was no turning back.

Hold up. That was unfair. We almost forgot about the best part of the game: the commercials! We’re excited for those, too.

Charcuterie boards come in all shapes and sizes, and football-themed platters are no exception. We found inspiration from past Super Bowl games, including both savory and sweet options.

Move aside, buffalo wings. There’s a new sheriff in town.
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17 Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas

1. Football Charcuterie Spread

A bacon football is perfectly complemented by chocolate-covered strawberry footballs on this board. Excuse us if our Pavlovian response kicks in and we start drooling on the ball the next time we toss one around.

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2. Super Bowl Charcuterie Board

One super easy way to make your charcuterie board Super Bowl-themed is to add cheese lettering. This one references the game’s number for the year 2022. Best to brush up on your Roman numerals in advance.

17 Super Bowl Charcuterie Boards That Are a Sure Win (3)

3. Football Charcuterie Board

From now on, charcuterie boards without crab cakes are just subpar. After all, if we can slather butter on cutting boards, adding crab cakes to all future snack boards seems like the least we can do. Thanks for coming to our TED talk. Take a crab cake on your way out.

17 Super Bowl Charcuterie Boards That Are a Sure Win (4)

4. Super Bowl Dessert Board

Footballs don’t have to be made exclusively out of various forms of meat. They can be made out of chocolate, too! Or rubber and more or less air, depending on whether Tom Brady is involved.

17 Super Bowl Charcuterie Boards That Are a Sure Win (5)

5. Super Bowl Cheese Board

A more subtle homage to the game, this charcuterie board includes a football-shaped cheese ball with cheddar lacing. Missed opportunity to add laces to the little pickles if you ask us, but we digress.

17 Super Bowl Charcuterie Boards That Are a Sure Win (6)

6. Charcuterie Football

In 2023, we’re over drinking games. Let’s play an eating game instead. Eat one pepperoni petal each time the timer stops. Hello food coma, goodbye pepperoni rose.

17 Super Bowl Charcuterie Boards That Are a Sure Win (7)

7. Double Trouble Matching Charcuterie Boards

What’s better than one Super Bowl charcuterie board? Five Super Bowl charcuterie boards. But two’s good, too.

17 Super Bowl Charcuterie Boards That Are a Sure Win (8)

8. Foam Finger Cheese Board

Sure, building a football out of cheese and meat is creative and great. But you could also just slap a mini football on a platter and call it a day. If someone accidentally eats it, you can just say it’s super tough jerky.

17 Super Bowl Charcuterie Boards That Are a Sure Win (9)

9. Super Bowl x Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board

This year, the Super Bowl is scheduled for February 12, just two days before Valentine’s Day. If your quarterback crush is on one of the teams playing, this ode to both occasions is the perfect solution. And if he loses, cheese is sure to cheer him up.

17 Super Bowl Charcuterie Boards That Are a Sure Win (10)

10. Cheesy Super Bowl Charcuterie

Not to be cheesy, but we’re fumbling for words over this charcuterie board.

17 Super Bowl Charcuterie Boards That Are a Sure Win (11)

11. Touchdown Charcuterie Board

Touchdown is both a football term, and a reminder of how easily germs can spread through communal food platters. Not that that’s stopping us from going ham on that brie football. Or going…long? Whatever. Just use the tongs, please.

12. Super Bowl Snack Board

We’ve reached a point where just about anything can go on a charcuterie board, including chicken wings and mini hot dogs. Just replace the carrots and celery with more chicken wings, and you’ve built our dream snack plate!

17 Super Bowl Charcuterie Boards That Are a Sure Win (12)

13. Simple Super Bowl Charcuterie Board

You don’t need a bunch of fancy, expensive meats and cheeses to make a great looking Super Bowl charcuterie board. Scatter some pepperoni in the shape of a football and add some cheese lacing, and everyone will know exactly what you’re watching. Wait, that’s not Rihanna’s face?

14. Super Bowl Fireworks Charcuterie

Make the big day even more exciting by adding tinsel fireworks decor to your platter. It supports our conclusion that in the end, we all win, because we have piles of cheese.

15. Brie Football Charcuterie Board

If your group needs a constant reminder via food of who’s playing, it’s safe to say you’re just in this for the commercials. Can we come to your party?

16. Sweet Super Bowl Platter

Prepare a dessert board for after you finish the cheese one. Or for before. You’re an adult now. You can eat sweets at any hour of the day. Just ask our collection of PopTarts.

17. Football Box of Charcuterie

You don’t have to be artistically inclined to make a great Super Bowl charcuterie board. Just buy a platter shaped like a football and stuff in some meats and cheeses. We’re pretty sure it doesn’t affect the flavor.

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17 Super Bowl Charcuterie Boards That Are a Sure Win (2024)


What do you put on a Super Bowl charcuterie board? ›

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board
  1. Meat. • 1 Deli meats. • 1 Meats/charcuterie.
  2. Produce. • 1 Fruit, Fresh. • 1 Greens. ...
  3. Condiments. • 1 Condiments. • 1 Olives, black and green.
  4. Nuts & Seeds. • 1 Nuts & almonds.
  5. Bread & Baked Goods. • 1 Slider buns.
  6. Snacks. • 1 Crackers.
  7. Dairy. • 1 Cheese.
  8. Other. • chips. • Pickled elements/ sweet & sour.

How do you calculate charcuterie board? ›

No worries! Here is the estimated amount of an ideal charcuterie per person serving: 2-3 oz meat, 4-5 sliced cheeses, and fewer additional accompaniments while presenting as an appetizer. 5-6 oz meat, 6-7 sliced cheeses, and plenty of additional accompaniments while serving as an entire meal.

What is the key to a good charcuterie board? ›

The meat and cheeses are the stars, but don't skimp on the filler — this is where the board gets fun. Not only fruit, spreads, nuts and pickles usually cheaper than meats and cheeses, but they also satisfy hungry guests. They make the board last longer and keep people happily munching throughout the party.

How many cheese should be on a charcuterie board? ›

Plan for about 1-2 ounces of cheese per person. As with your meat selections, have your cheese sliced thin (at a 1-2 thickness) to make layering easier. If you'd like to incorporate cheese cubes, or have guests cut their own pieces, have those sliced at an 8-10 thickness.


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